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Promoting the Breastfeeding Journey

As healthcare providers, you play a crucial role in fostering a supportive environment for breastfeeding, ensuring that mothers receive the encouragement, education, and resources they need to embark on this vital journey. 

Find information on the benefits of breastfeeding, resources to share with breastfeeding families, and how to become a baby-friendly healthcare space below.

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

To truly champion breastfeeding, we encourage you to learn about the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative–a global program that recognizes your commitment to creating an atmosphere where mothers feel respected, informed, and empowered in their breastfeeding journey.

Learn more about the initiative and best practices.

Healthcare Resources

Nevada Breastfeeds serves as a comprehensive resource center for healthcare providers aiming to enhance their knowledge and practices related to breastfeeding. Here, you will find evidence-based information, practical tools, and guidelines that align with the latest research in lactation science. Our goal is to empower you to integrate breastfeeding support seamlessly into your practice, ensuring that mothers and infants receive the highest standard of care.

View resources for healthcare providers.