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Nevada Breastfeeding Laws

  • AB 113 is now part of the Nevada Revised Statute as N.R.S. 608.0193 and N.R.S. 281.755.
  • N.R.S 608.0193: Employer required to provide break time to express breast milk; compensation pursuant to collective bargaining agreement; reasonable alternative to alleviate undue hardship; retaliation prohibited; exceptions.
  • N.R.S. 218.755: Duties of public body concerning rights of employees to express breast milk under certain circumstances.

    Except as otherwise provided in subsections 2 and 5, a public body shall provide an employee who is the mother of a child under 1 year of age with:

          (a) Reasonable break time, with or without compensation, for the employee to express breast milk as needed; and

          (b) A place, other than a bathroom, that is reasonably free from dirt or pollution, protected from the view of others and free from intrusion by others where the employee may express breast milk.