Getting Started

Learn how to find a comfortable position and location in order to support your baby in finding a good latch.

Breastfeeding Positions
Choose a comfortable position in order to support your baby in finding a good latch. You can use pillows under your arms, elbows, neck, or back to give you added comfort and support. Keep in mind that what works well for one feeding may not work well for the next. Keep trying different positions until you are comfortable.

How to Latch
Once you and your baby have found a comfortable position, you’re ready to start feeding.

  1. Hold your breast like you’re holding a sandwich. Keep your thumb on the top and the four fingers underneath. Keep your hand a few inches from the areola (the dark skin around your nipple). And, if you have a larger areola, keep your hand about 2 to 2 1/2 inches from your nipple.
  2. Pull your baby close. Tickle baby’s upper lip with your nipple.
  3. Wait until baby’s mouth opens wide, like a yawn.
  4. Quickly bring the nipple, areola and breast into baby’s open mouth. Baby should have a good mouthful of breast—if her mouth is just on your nipple, it will hurt and your milk won’t flow well.
  5. If anything hurts or doesn’t feel right, use your finger to gently break your baby’s latch. Try again to reposition your baby. Don’t give up, you and your baby can do this.